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Recall of All R 93 Bolt-Action Rifles
for Safety Check

R 93 owners from the USA,
please refer to the SIGARMS website!

Isny, Germany, August 2002

Dear Blaser R 93 Owner,

Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH, Ziegelstadel 1, D-88316 Isny im Allgäu (Germany) recalls all trigger units of bolt action rifles model R93 with the exception of the sporter models UIT, CISM, Tactical, LRS and LRS2 for a security check on the premises of the Blaser authorized importers.

All owners of the mentioned R93 are asked urgently not to use their R93 anymore before the security check being realized.

For achieving the highest security standard the design of the R93 prescribes that all parts of its trigger unit are manufactured from rust- and acid-resistant steel or are protected otherwise against corrosion.
Blaser cannot be sure that in some cases in the past suppliers have delivered such pins of regular steel instead of the ordered rust and acid-resistant steel pins for the trigger unit. If these pins corrode, the correct function of the trigger is no longer guaranteed. It may happen that the trigger, having been pulled, does not return to its starting position. When the rifle is cocked and insofar ready to fire, an involuntary discharge of the rifle may occur.

But of course the non-cocked rifle is absolutely safe!

About this matter, Bernhard Knöbel, Managing Director of Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH:
"Blaser has always given first priority in its product philosophy to the principle of security. Even if an involuntary discharge of the R93 on the basis of the corroding pins is only possible when the rifle is being cocked, e.g. in the off-safe position, and therefore ready to fire, we have taken the decision to recall all R93 models for the security check to correspond to our principle without any ifs or buts. This security philosophy is the reason why all parts of the R93's trigger unit are protected against corrosion.
We want and we have to guarantee this quality even with each and every R93.

We ask our clients to contact their Blaser dealer or the Blaser authorized importer as soon as possible. The authorized Blaser importer will check the trigger unit in general and the pins in particular and - if necessary - changes the parts in a short time and free of cost for you.

All checked trigger units will get a proof mark, capital P inside a circle, on the left side which is visible from the outside.


Blaser would like to thank all R93 owners, who have to do without their rifle for a short time, with a special contribution. Every R93 bolt action rifle or R93 stock/receiver unit sent back to the authorized distributor for security check of the trigger unit will be granted an extended guarantee. Period of validity will be additional 10 years, starting 01. Aug. 2002.

Best Regards
BLASER Jagdwaffen GmbH

Bernhard Knöbel

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