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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Blaser R 93 Safety-Check, August 2002

We have compiled a list of answers to FAQs regarding the recall of Blaser R93 rifles.
Please read these answers very carefully before you contact Blaser directly. Should you have further questions please contact us by e-mail at resp. by fax (from Germany 07562-702271, from abroad +49-7562-702271) or by writing to
Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH, R 93 Safety-Check, Ziegelstadel 1, 88316 Isny, Germany.

The questions have been arranged in groups: "What do I have to do", "Questions regarding the dealer", "Questions about the problem itself".

"What do I have to do?"

Question: I am the owner of one or several R93 actions bolt rifles.
What do I have to do?

First of all you have to check if your rifle shows a proof mark. The proof mark (capital P inside a circle) is clearly visible on the left side of the trigger (see illustration).

  1. Rifles without this proof mark must not be used until Blaser has checked them. Outside Germany the check will be done by authorized Blaser service workshops.
  2. Rifles bearing the proof mark have been checked, they contain the correct pins and can therefore be used.
  3. Rifles resp. receivers without the proof mark on the trigger have to be taken to a Blaser dealer. The dealer will disassemble the trigger unit, send it to the Blaser service workshop where the trigger unit will be checked. The checked trigger unit will be returned to the Blaser dealer who will inform the customer that the rifle is checked and therefore ready to be collected or shipped.
Question: Can I use my R93 for hunting or can I take it to the shooting range before I have had it checked?
Answer: No. Please do not use your R93 before it has been checked. Blaser cannot guarantee safe functionality unless the trigger unit has been checked.
Question: I have sold my R93 to a private person. Therefore, I am not concerned by theis recall, or am I?
Answer: In principle, this is correct. Nevertheless, it is important that you send the new owner's address to the Blaser distributer or to Blaser directly, so that he or we can contact the new owner. You can find out the Blaser distributer for your country by visiting If you prefer sending the new owner's address to Blaser directly, e-mail to, send a fax (from inside Germany
07562-702271, from abroad +49-7562-702271) or write to Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH, R93 Safety-Check, Ziegelstadel 1, 88316 Isny, Germany ).
Question: I own a sporter model R93 LRS 2, CISM, UIT or Tactical.
Are these models concerned?
Answer: No. Due to the match trigger, these models have a completely different trigger system. These sporter models can be used without being checked.
Question: I own a R93 Offroad or Offroad Timber resp. a R93 Attaché or R93 Safari, Jagdmatch or SemiWeight. Does the recall concern any of these models?
Answer: Yes. All R93 bolt action rifles for hunting - these are all R93 models except sporter models LRS 2, CISM, UIT and Tactical - are concerned.
Question: I own an older Blaser bolt action rifle, model SR830, SR850, R84 or SR850/88. Is my rifle affected?
Answer: No. Only Blaser hunting bolt action rifles model R93 are concerned..
Question: Can I myself or my authorized Blaser dealer recognize, if my R93 is affected?
Answer: No. Firstly, the pins concerned are not visible from the outside and secondly, the surface of normal steel pins concerned does not look any different to the surface of rust- and acid-resistant steel pins. The check-up is only carried out by Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH, Isny or - abroad - by a authorized Blaser service workshop.
Question: Can I send my rifle to the Blaser plant directly?
Answer: No, please do not send the rifle directly to Blaser! To guarantee a fast and smooth handling, please take your R93 to your authorized Blaser dealer. Your dealer will disassemble your rifle and - if you live in Germany - send the trigger unit to Blaser.
If you live outside Germany, your dealer will send the trigger unit to the Blaser service workshop in your country. If you send your R93 rifle or R93 receiver directly to the Blaser plant, we have to treat the case "manually", meaning we can't use the defined procedure. In such a case the check-up is much more time consuming than the organized way via your Blaser dealer.
Question: Can I disassemble the trigger unit myself and send it to the Blaser service workshop or to the Blaser plant?
Answer: NO! Only authorized Blaser dealers have been informed about the exact procedure regarding the safety check and have been provided with replacement parts necessary.
Question: Can I recognize if my R93 receiver has already been checked?
Answer: Yes. All receivers checked are bearing a proof mark (capital P inside a circel). This proof mark is clearly visible on the left side of the trigger (see illustration above). Only R93 receivers with this proof mark have been checked and are safe.
Question: Why is it not possible that my authorized Blaser dealer carries out the safety check in his premises so that I can take my rifle with me immediately?
Answer: Without any doubt, your competent Blaser dealer would be in the position and has all the Know-How to carry out the check himself. However, considering the variety of rifles concerned and the compulsory documentation, we have decided to proceed as mentioned. This procedure will guarantee precise processing sequence & documentation and the fastest possible handling of the matter.
Question: If my rifle is at the Blaser plant anyway, is it possible to have some additional services carried out (e.g. fitting of a rubber pad or anything alike)?
Answer: No. In order to guarantee a fast and smooth handling of the safety check, we have installed a separate organisation. This procedure can only be adhered to, if the operation sequence runs smoothly. Due to this, your Blaser dealer has been asked to give top priority to the safety check. All other services will be dealt with immediately afterwards.
Question: As only the trigger unit has to be checked: Is it necessary to take the whole rifle to the gunsmith or is it sufficient to send in the receiver together with butt stock and forearm?
Answer: Only the receiver is needed, so that the gunsmith can disassemble the trigger unit. Nevertheless, please inform your dealer of the appropriate barrel number and - if existing - the serial number on the receiver.
Question: When can I forward my R93 for the check-up?
Answer: Anytime. Since August 2002 all Blaser dealers are equipped with the necessary parts and tools.
Question: How long does the check-up take ? When will I have the rifle back?
Answer: The check up in our premises (or outside of Germany at the Blaser service workshop) should be implemented within a few days.
Question: Are any costs for me involved?
Answer: No, of course the check-up is free of charge.
Question: I had a set trigger installed in my R93 resp. have had some other modification carried out by a third party manufacturer. Despite this fact, will my rifle be accepted for check-up as well?
Answer: Yes! Blaser (or outside of Germany the Blaser service workshop) will carry out the check-up on these modified triggers as well. However, due to legal reasons, the rifle will be sent back with a statement that the trigger had been modified and no guarantee resp. no liability can be claimed.

Questions regarding the dealer

Question: I do not know which Blaser dealer I should take my rifle to as I have bought my R93 second hand from a private person. What can I do?
Answer: You can take your R93 to any Blaser dealer.
Question: How can I find a Blaser dealer?

If you live outside Germany, Switzerland or Liechtenstein, please contact the Blaser importer for yout country. Visit to find the appropriate Blaser partner.
If you do live in Germany, Switzerland or Liechtenstein, please contact us via e-mail (, send us a fax (from Germany 07562-702271, from abroad +49-7562-702271) or write to Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH, R93 Safety-Check, Ziegelstadel 1, 88316 Isny, Germany) and state your place of residence and postal code. We will then forward a selection of Blaser dealers near you.

Question: The Gunshop where I acquired my rifle does not exist any more or I do not want to go back to the dealer for any other reason or I have moved to another district. What can I do?
Answer: You can take your R93 to any Blaser dealer; it is not necessary to take the rifle to the dealer where you originally bought it.
Question: I do not think my dealer is capable of carrying out the check-up (or change of pins) correctly. Therefore I would prefer to have the check-up carried out by Blaser directly.
Answer: It is not your dealer who carries out the check up and - if necessary - changes the pins. The dealer will merely disassemble the trigger unit and will send it to Blaser
or - if you live abroad - to the Blaser service workshop in your country. There, the pins will be checked, exchanged if necessary and the trigger will be provided with the proof mark. Afterwards the trigger unit will be returned to the dealer who will then assemble the trigger unit back into your rifle.
Anyhow, should you - despite the above mentioned facts - still have your doubts as to whether your dealer is capable of the disassembly, you can take your rifle to any other Blaser dealer.

I have ordered a new Blaser R93 with my Blaser dealer. Will this rifle be ok when I get it?


Most likely: Yes. Anyhow, you should check if the trigger bears the proof mark when you receive the rifle. That's a capital letter P in a circle, stamped to the left side of the trigger (see above illustration).

Questions about the problem itself

Question: What exactly is the problem?

Blaser cannot be sure that in some cases in the past, suppliers have delivered pins made of regular steel instead of the ordered rust and acid-resistant steel pins for the trigger units. If these pins corrode, the correct function of the trigger is no longer guaranteed. It may happen that the trigger, having been pulled, does not return to its starting position. When the rifle is cocked and insofar ready to fire, an involuntary discharge of the rifle may occur. To avoid this risk, every R93 trigger unit has to be checked.

Question: Is the non-cocked R93 (safety-slide in on-safe position) absolultely safe?

Yes ! A non-cocked and therefore secured R93 is absolutely safe. It is not possible to fire the R93 rifle with the safety-slide in its on-safe position - neither voluntary nor involuntary.

Question: If only some rifles are concerned - why are all R93 called back for the safety check?
Answer: We cannot be sure how many and when exactly incorrect pins have been used. It is not visible from the outside if correct pins have been used. Only by disassembling the pins it can be ensured that rust resistant pins have been used.
Question: Blaser R93 has been on the market since 1993. Why have these problems not occured before?
Answer: Apparently some isolated deliveries of incorrect pins took place at a later date. An exact schedule cannot be defined.
Question: Blaser has always given first priority in its product philosophy to the principle of security. Why does Blaser now have to face the problem with the trigger units?
Answer: The design of the R93 prescribes rust- and acid-resistant steel for pins. At each case rust- and acit-resistant pins were ordered by Blaser. In future we will not rely on spot checks but implement an 100% control.
Question: Has this trigger unit problem caused any accidents yet?
Answer: No, we do not know of any accident.
Question: Will Blaser's nimbus for safety be affected by this recall?
Answer: With this recall we prove without any doubt that no compromise will be made by Blaser regarding security. If we recognize a problem we have the courage to eliminate it. As a result, doing the neccesary provides security for every customer.
Question: This recall causes some inconvenience for me. Do I get compensated in any way?
Answer: Yes. For every R93 bolt-action rifles that has been checked and that bears the proof mark, the guarantee will be extended for additional 10 years, starting August 1st 2002.